Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

April 1-3, 2016, Lancaster County Convention Center

Video Gaming

Final Boss Gaming (a subsidiary of Nexus Gaming Alliance) is hosting the video game room for Zenkaikon 2017, bringing in a full range of new age equipment, classic consoles, and fun! Final Boss Gaming is the longest-running, national video gaming logistics company in the United States. With over 30 events a year from coast to coast, from events of 50,000, to private corporate events, FBG has you covered. Join gamers from all over the country and celebrate the love and passion for electronic console gaming!

How it Works

With your convention badge, you gain access to unlimited console gaming hosted by Final Boss Gaming. In the Electronic Console Gaming Arena players of all ages and skill levels gather in celebration of intense console gaming action.  Come stop by for a quick game between events, or stay for the whole convention and step your game to the next level.

The Basics

All games inside are free play!  Tournaments will also be free to compete. We have next-gen and classic consoles, so you don't have to worry about a variety of systems. If you want to see a certain game or if you have any questions on how to play, please ask any uniformed Final Boss Gaming staffer for easy assistance. If you want to play games on an arcade stick or any custom controller, feel free to bring your own.


In our quest to find the elite gamers, tournaments will take place throughout the weekend. Sign-ups for all tournaments will be at the HQ table right inside the entrance the arena.

All tournaments have a roll call to assure attendance. Please make sure to check in 5 minutes before the start of any event. If you show up late, you very well could lose your spot in the tournament. Don't let that happen to you!

Tournament List


  • 5pm: Mario Kart 8 (WiiU)
  • 8pm: Smash Brothers U (Wii U/3DS)
  • 11pm: Lethal League (PC)


  • 12pm: Smash Brother U: Amiibo Brawl (Wii U/ 3DS)
  • 3pm: Street Fighter V (PS4)
  • 6pm: Naruto: Road to Boruto (PS4)
  • 9pm: Retro Gaming Gauntlet (Various)


  • 12pm: Super Bomberman R (NS)

More information is available at their website.