• March 22-24, 2024
  • Lancaster County Convention Center, Lancaster, PA


What is “LARP”? It stands for “Live-Action Role Play”, a game where you’ll be playing as your favorite anime and manga characters. Hundreds are available for you to play! The game will run the course of the convention, featuring an overarching plot and scheduled events, so you can attend as much or as little as you like. LARP is not a cosplay event, meaning you do not need to be in costume to attend. You don’t even need to be dressed as the character you’d be playing. But if you want to, you’re more than welcome to!

ZenkaiLARP is played using the Nexus game system. An informational meeting will be held early on Friday of the convention about game mechanics, and the LARP staff will always help show you how to play! Check your schedule for meeting times. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. You can also join our Facebook group, where we’ll have information, and updates leading up to the game!


We would like to proclaim our pre-reg is officially OPEN! However, we need you to read the following about how to submit your character choices as well as to understand our rules on these options.

This year we are announcing that in addition to anime, manga, and most video game characters, we will be allowing characters from a specific themed category – anthropomorphic animals and talking animals!

Intelligent Animal example: Bagheera from the Jungle Book or Garfield the Cat

Anthropomorphic Animal example: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or literally any character in Zootopia

To pre-register your character, email the following to zkklarp@gmail.com: Your real, full name, what name you want to be called, your pronouns, your top three character choices in the order, 1 to 3, of who you would like to play, and how much you would like us to mess with your character on a 1-5 scale, 1 being very little and 5 being LOL all the messing with.

If one of your character choices is a theme character, your other two choices must be an anime or video game character if we cannot accept your category theme character.

Please remember, we GMs are only Human. We will do everything we can to accept a character but there are limitations, based on the character and how they will scale to the system or plot, as well as limitations of our time if none of us have watched/read/etc what this character comes from.

Teaser 1

[NARRATOR]: Two pups play in the street. Jerry is a young retriever and his friend Lobo is a young grey wolf. Jerry is dressed in a breeches and a loose shirt while Lobo is leathers of indeterminate origin. Nearby stands another retriever with clear relation to Jerry, watching over the two pups playing catch with a small red ball.

[ACTION]: After several back and forth throws, suddenly, Jerry runs and grabs the ball with his mouth, bringing it back to his friend. His mother, watching nearby, gets a horrified look and runs over.

[MOTHER:] “Jerry, DROP IT!”

[JERRY]: He drops it with a whine, looking scared at his mother.

[MOTHER]: “What are you doing?! Do you want people to think you’re Wild?! What would the other Families think if they saw you acting like that? Do you want to end up like UNCLE REX?”

[JERRY]: “No, momma, I’m sorry. I promise I won’t do it again.”

[MOTHER]: “You better not. No son of mine will be seen being wild.”

[ACTION]: With a shake of her head, she grabs her son’s hand.

[MOTHER]: “Come along, Jerry. It’s time for your flea bath.”

[JERRY]: “Awww, do I have to?”


[ACTION]: Dragging him off stage.

[LOBO, ACTION]: Leaving Lobo to sigh all alone with his ball.

Teaser 2

NARRATOR: In the Menagerie, at the summit of the city of Vunulea, the heads of the ruling families meet to give some royal decrees. Before you stands a massive blob of gray fur in the shape of a cat with a fabulous mustache, a huge black wolf, a pair of incredibly fluffy angora rabbits – one big and one small, and a large whale seated within a specialized water tank somewhat off to the side.

Fish: “Where are the Aves?”

Cat: “I don’t know, who gives a hoot.”

Dog: “Obviously they don’t, or they’d be here.”

NARRATOR: With everyone settled, the rulers of the city begin to give their latest decrees… for better or worse.

Cats: The royal house of Felines on behalf of the King of Cats decrees that any container with sufficient space to fit one’s posterior shall be considered a legal seat regardless of its so-called original purpose.

Dogs: I, Fenris, Electus of the Concilio Concordiae of the Lupus, hereby decree that as a consequence of the “Tennis Ball Incident,” Feline delicacies will no longer be sold in the Lupus marketplaces.

Rabbits: I decree that all shed fur and scale shall be gathered across the city and brought to the Leporidae to be turned into proper clothing.

Fish: Can I say something? I have word from not only us, but the foxes as well…

Rabbit: But the foxes aren’t considered a family… they don’t have a say in the Menagerie…

Cat: I decree they can!

Dog: I decree they can’t!

Cat: I decree you smell.


NARRATOR: “In the hewn stone chambers below the Menagerie, several creatures meet in secret, working swiftly while their rulers bicker above.” “Are the preparations for the summoning almost complete?” “Yes, the invitations have been written and sent to the worlds beyond ours.” “May they be willing to aid us in stopping this madness, or we all fall to the Wild…”