• March 22-24, 2024
  • Lancaster County Convention Center, Lancaster, PA

ACV Super Squad

So you want to be part of the At Con Volunteer Super Squad that helps make Zenkaikon work?  The ACV Super Squad are the unsung heroes who help the staff make this convention possible.  Many Zenkaikon staff, including many department heads (this one included), started out as convention volunteers.  The ACV Super Squad takes on tasks that help to free up staff members who are already up to their ears in other responsibilities.  You ultimately decide how long and when you would like to work, but we appreciate any time that you can offer, no matter how long.  We also reward you for the hard work that you do!  Are you a parent whose kids are at the convention, and you’re looking for something to do?  Well, good news!  We need volunteers like you to help make this an even better experience for your kids! 

What the ACV Super Squad does:

The ACV Super Squad helps convention staff with things like event setup, line control, badge checking, guiding attendees, and standing ever-vigilant at places like workshops, panels, and the masquerade.  There’s even a need for volunteers who want to help break down the convention at the end.

What the ACV Super Squad does not do:

Squad members do not handle money, function as security, or undermine the integrity of Zenkaikon or its affiliates.  

Rewards for your services:

Now we get to the good stuff! 

  • Every 4 hours you volunteer, you get a food voucher and two Zkon Merch Bucks.
  • At 8 hours, we add a Zenkaikon T-shirt.
  • At 12 hours, we add 1/2 your membership reimbursement
  • At 16 hours, we add full membership reimbursement
  • At 20 hours, we add $5 off Zenkaikon 2025.
  • At 24 hours, instead of just two we add 10 Zkon Merch Bucks.

→ What does that look like?

If you stopped at 4 hours you would’ve acquired:
• 1 meal voucher
• 2 Zkon Merch Bucks

If you stopped at 8 hours you would’ve acquired:
• 2 meal vouchers
• 4 Zkon Merch Bucks
• Zenkaikon 2024 T-shirt

If you stopped at 12 hours you would’ve acquired:
• 3 meal vouchers
• 6 Zkon Merch Bucks
• Zenkaikon 2024 T-shirt
• 1/2 membership reimbursement

If you stopped at 16 hours you would’ve acquired:
• 4 meal vouchers
• 8 Zkon Merch Bucks
• Zenkaikon 2024 T-shirt
• Full membership reimbursement

If you stopped at 20 hours you would’ve acquired:
• 5 meal vouchers
• 10 Zkon Merch Bucks
• Zenkaikon 2024 T-shirt
• Full membership reimbursement
• $5 off Zenkaikon 2025

If you stopped at 24 hours you would’ve acquired:
• 6 meal vouchers
• 20 Zkon Merch Bucks
• Zenkaikon 2024 T-shirt
• Full membership reimbursement
• $5 off Zenkaikon 2025

Super Squad requirements:

  • You must be registered for Zenkaikon (or register at the door).
  • You must have a valid picture ID.
  • You must be at least 16 years old by your first scheduled volunteer day.
  • You must submit an application and be approved.
  • You must submit the required number of validated work hours for meal vouchers and rewards.

Our volunteers are vital to the convention. You help so much more than you even know. 

Application for the ACV Super Squad for 2024 is coming soon!

If you have any questions about the Super Squad rules and/or expectations, please send us a message.

We look forward to seeing you at Zenkaikon!