• March 22-24, 2024
  • Lancaster County Convention Center, Lancaster, PA

Cosplay Repair

When bad things happen to perfectly good costumes, the Cosplay Repair room is your destination! Located in the Keystone room on the second floor of the convention center, Cosplay Repair is where minor to moderate repairs to members’ costumes can be made. We will provide an assortment of craft goods and machines for touch-ups and maintenance. This service is provided at no cost as a courtesy to our members and is intended for repairs only. Out of respect and consideration for other members and for this amenity, please do not attempt to make or finish your cosplay in Cosplay Repair.

Cosplay Repair is a self-service repair option for members. Cosplay staff may choose, if they wish, to assist with requests on minor repair techniques (ie: sewing, hot glue application, etc.).

Items provided for Cosplay Repair must remain within the designated space that it is set up. Items may not be removed from the room for any reason for the repair of a costume piece.

As a reminder, Cosplay Repair will be stocked with items that, if mishandled, can cause bodily harm (scissors, needles, glue, etc). Use of these items is at the member’s discretion. Zenkaikon does not take any responsibility for the mishandling of these items that could result in injury.

Changing stations are available next door in the Cosplay Meetups room (Independence room).