Yokai Scavenger Hunt | Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

April 1-3, 2016, Lancaster County Convention Center

Yokai Scavenger Hunt

This year's convention scavenger hunt will be the Yokai Photo Hunt!

Yokai are all over, sometimes hiding in plain sight, and sometimes not.  Thanks to Charles Dunbar, if you keep your eyes peeled you might find something creepy and cool lurking about Zenkaikon.  We’re not saying the con has been invaded, but there might be some mysterious and fantastical creatures around the convention center for the astute and sharp-eyed to find.  The Yokai Photo Hunt is open to any and all who wish to participate.  Find 10 yokai and win a prize.  Find all 15 yokai and you will be entered in a drawing to win the grand prize - a free membership for Zenkaikon 2019!


  • If you see one of our 15 yokai hidden around the convention, snap a picture with your cell phone or camera. All yokai participating in the yokai hunt will be identified with the words "Zenkaikon Yokai Hunt".
  • When you have found all the yokai, head to the Information Desk on the 2nd floor.  A staff member will review your photos and present you with a prize.
  • Some yokai may be more difficult to find than others so be sure to visit all areas of the convention center.  


These feisty goblins live at the bottom of lakes and rivers, emerging only to devour entire fields of cucumbers...or the flesh of unsuspecting victims.  But fear not!  If you bow to them, they will bow back, giving you time to escape.
The common red fox appears harmless, but beware! as they grow older,they grow wilier and they grow more tails, which eventually allows them to take human form, use psychic powers, and when they hit nine, wield fire as easily as breathe.
Though they look like raccoons, these yokai are actually related to dogs. like other animal spirits, they can take human form and perform magical feats.  Unlike other animal spirits, they are lighthearted tricksters more interested in having fun.
Karasu Tengu
Calling the mountains home these yokai resemble humanoid crows that possess incredible strength, the ability to fly, and a sour disposition.  Be wary when encountering them, for their fighting skills are second to none.
She’s kawaii AND kowai!  Japan’s Bloody Mary haunts the girls toilet where she died, looking for friends to play with or scare half to death! 
Faceless men are scary enough, but what happens when that smooth-skinned mujina bends over and stares at you with the lone eyeball in its butt?  Will you die from screaming or laughing?
It’s big, it’s red, it’s incredibly strong, and it has no problem making your life a living hell.  your afterlife too, once it’s done beating you with its huge spiked club
Cat got two tails?  Let’s hope it likes you!  Neko-mata can take human form, walk through walls, spit poison, and do all sorts of mischief.  Kind of like it did before, just now with more magic to throw around.
One person’s trash becomes another’s yokai.  A discarded umbrella decides to take “revenge” on its owners and their kind, but manages only to get a few shrieks and a lot more laughs.
Squat little cyclopes who offer to guide you to the top of their mountain homes.  be sure to give them a nice tip or they might guide you right off the side!
A soft cry echoing through the mountains.  Do you follow it and risk never being seen again?  Or do you resist and forever wonder what might have made such an intriguing sound?
THis flying cloth likes to play pranks on the humans it encounters.  Unfortunately, those pranks have a frequent tendency to cause severe harm rather than harmless fun.
Born of cruelty and magic, this canine spirit does its master’s bidding in death as it did in life.  Invisible and vicious, it also waits for the day it can gain revenge against the one who wronged it.
One hundred eyes, all of them peeled sharp for people who do not belong in its home.  Treat it with respect or it will treat you as a threat!
Lovely and artsy, this spirit is more kami than yokai and earns her keep as the patron of dance, song, and performance.

Have fun!