Live Programming | Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

April 1-3, 2016, Lancaster County Convention Center

Live Programming

Zenkaikon 2018 will feature a variety of programming about anime, comics, gaming, Japanese culture, cosplay, science fiction, and more! The vast majority of programming is run by you, our members!

Below is the list of accepted panels for Zenkaikon 2018. Panel times and descriptions will be released with the convention schedule approximately two weeks before the convention. (And, as always, keep in mind that schedules are subject to change up to, and even during, the convention.)

(Last Updated: 4/4/18)

+2 Comedy Anime Stand-up Comedy
+2 Comedy Present Game the Gamer
1990's Anime: A decade of hits! 
A Bathtub Full of Rainbows: A Guide to My Little Pony Toys
A Bojack Panel...Horseman, Obviously [18+]
A History of Jim Henson: Master of Puppets
A History of Thedas
Akira 30 years later
American Anime: The Ultimate Oxymoron?
Americanized Anime
Anime Chemistry 101
Anime Does Anime: How Anime Reflects On Itself Within The Medium [18+]
Anime Openers from Around the World
Asexuality in Modern Media [18+]
Ask A Professional: Ask A Personal Trainer
Ask Phil LaMarr Anything! (Legal)
B-Horror & Sci-Fi: The Good, The Good-Bad, The Bad-Bad, & The Ugly [18+]
Back to the Farm: Why Stardew Valley picks up where Harvest Moon left off
Battlecry: Hip-Hop Culture in Japan [18+]
Before An Unexpected Journey: The Anime Legacy of Rankin/Bass
Bling all the things, or how to add pizzazz to your cosplay and accessories
Board Game Demo: V-Wars: A Game of Blood and Betrayal
Bullying in Fandom, or: Why Can't We Play Nice?
Chu Chu Yeah: A Tail of Two Dragon Maids
Coast to Coast: an [adult swim] Retrospective [18+]
Combat in Costume
Comic Books Adapted
Comic Collecting 101 
Convention Survivor: Press "X" To NOT Die! [18+]
Cosplay Boudoir [18+]
Cosplay Bullying
Cosplay Burlesque [18+]
Cosplay Dance Off
Cosplay for Anyone: Body Painting and other FX
Cosplay Recovery
Cosplay Saved My Life
Cosplay Shenanigans: Armor 101
Cosplay Shenanigans: Wigs 101
Cosplaying with Disabilities
Crossplay and Gender Bending 101 - The Basics!
David Bowie: The Space Invader from Japan
Diamonds in the Rough: Videogame Edition (side order of J-RPGs)
Discovery & Orville: Welcome to the New Generation
Disney Movies Exposed [18+]
Disney Smisney: Exploring other Western Animation Studios
DO PANELS: How to Avoid Seppuku and Shaming Your Family [18+]
Doctor Who: The Forgotten Doctors
Dr. Mario's Horrible Sing-a-long Panel
Drawing Mrs. Brisby: The Animation Career of Don Bluth
Fake it till you Break it: distressing, faux textures and antiquing, for props and costumes
Fanficcing NaNoWriMo Style
Fashion Shenanigans: Lolita 101
Forged in Foam: A guide to crafting armor and props!
Genderqueer Representation in Anime
Get Random with Jessica Calvello!
Giant Robots: Crushing your Misconceptions
Girl Gaming 101
Great Graphic Novels you Should be Reading 2018
Greggo's Game Shows: $ale of the Century
Greggo's Game Shows: Chain Reaction
Greggo's Game Shows: Play Your Cards Right
Greggo's Game Shows: Press Your Luck
Greggo's  New Pokemon Game Show: Pointless
Guests Against Humanity [18+]
History of Bara [18+]
Hot Glue Friend or Foe
How To Be A Villain 101
How to become a board game library
How to Burlesque [18+]
How to Design and Build a Combat Robot
How to make Ruffles and Pleats, learning Fabric Manipulation
Hyrule: A History Part 1
In Defense of SEGA: Year in Review
Into the Danger Zone: The ARCHER Fan Panel [18+]
Intro to 3D Printing for Cosplay and Everyday Use
It's An Abomination: Japanese Myths in Pop Culture [18+]
K-Pop Unlocked: The Dance Challenge Reloaded! 
Kanada Style! An intro to the godfather of "Sakuga"
Keeping Friendship Magic: The Odd Pony Out
Kids Can Cosplay Too!
Let's Make a Game
Make your own horned headband
Man Up! FTM Cosplay Crash Course 101
Marvel Now 2016-2017: Overview
Meet Jad Saxton
Meet n Greet/PJ Party with Kiba
Meraki Kai Presents: J-Pop Dance Party
Mold Making and Materials for Cosplay 
Much ado about Rougelikes
My World and Welcome to It
Nautical Nonsense: A look into Japanese Naval History and the Anime It Spawned
Of Duelists and Drunkards [18+]
On the Edge: Tackling Sexuality in Anime/Manga 
Overcoming Con Anxiety
Pepakura: The Art of Papercraft
Progressivism In Animation
Quinton Flynn Q&A
Reading Manga/Comics with Cards against Humanity [18+]
RuPaul: The Fishy, The Shady, and The Bitchy [18+]
Sake 101
Sarah Wiedenheft Q&A
Sensei-ship: What Anime Teaches Us About Teaching
Shodo 101, Japanese Calligraphy
Spooky Ways to Die in D&D: A group tabletop experience
Star Trek: The Perfect Crew
Star Trek: We Used to Be Explorers
Star Wars is... Gay?
Steven and the Sing-A-Long Panel
Steven Universe: Gay Space Rocks
Strong Female Characters in Fiction
Swap Meet with Meraki Kai Cosplays
Taste the Rainbow: Diversity in Anime and Manga
Teaching with Anime
That Ship has Sailed
The Biology of monster girls
The Chrysanthemum and the Cross: Christianity In Japan
The Erasure of Queer* Women in Fandom Culture [18+]
The Good, The Bad, and The Duwang: A Brief History of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
The Good, the Spooky, and the Weird: Dumb Cryptids and Wacky Yokai
The Hunt For The Tuatha de Danaan: Connections between Full Metal Panic and the literary works of Tom Clancy
The Incomplete History of Nerd Music
The Pokemon Anime: The 20 Year Global Evolution
The Rage of the Quitter
The Road to Becoming a Magical Girl
The science of Mecha
The Voice Actors Panel
Things That Go Bump In The Night
TMNT: An Underground Expose [18+]
Transformers: The Birds & the Bumblebees
Underrated Anime you should see
Vampire 101
We Like-a Laika: A Stop Motion Retrospective
Whadda You Know Mullet: A Voltron Panel
Writing Killer Fight Scenes
WW2 Animated Propaganda: Mickey Joins the Marines
Yokai Nation: A History of Japanese Monsters
You're Wrong & You Should Feel Bad! [18+]
Your Next Convention
Yuri on Ice: Breaking the Yaoi Mold

If you have any questions regarding panels, you may direct them to our Live Programming Department.