LARP | Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

April 1-3, 2016, Lancaster County Convention Center


What is "LARP"? It stands for "Live-Action Role Play", a game where you'll be playing as your favorite anime and manga characters. Hundreds are available for you to play! The game will run the course of the convention, featuring an overarching plot and scheduled events, so you can attend as much or as little as you like. LARP is not a cosplay event, meaning you do not need to be in costume to attend. You don't even need to be dressed as the character you'd be playing. But if you want to, you're more than welcome to!

ZenkaiLARP is played using the Nexus game system. An informational meeting will be held early on Friday of the convention about game mechanics, and the LARP staff will always help show you how to play! Check your schedule for meeting times. If you have any other questions, feel free to send an email to You can also join our Facebook group, where we'll have information, and updates leading up to the game!

With our first teaser given for ZenkaiLARP 2019 at this year’s Nekocon, we would like to proclaim our character pre-registration is officially OPEN! It will run until December 31, 2018. However, we need you to read the following about how to submit your character choices as well as to understand our rules on these options.

As many of you know, along with the normal anime and manga characters, we also allow video game characters on a per-character basis, as well as characters from ANY media (movies, books, comics, anything you can think of!) provided they fit the yearly theme.This year’s theme is:


PLEASE read the teaser following the pre-reg info for exact definitions of this theme if you have questions. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to email us!

So with that, email the following to

1) Your real, full name
2) Your top three character choices in the order, 1 to 3, of who you would like to play. At least one of these choices needs to be a non-theme character.
3) How much you would like us to mess with each of those characters on a 1-5 scale, 1 being very little and 5 being "LOL all the messing with".

Please remember, we GMs are only Human. We will do everything we can to accept any theme-based character but there are limitations, based on the character and how they will scale to the system or plot, as well as limitations of our time if none of us have watched/read/etc. what this character comes from. We have the last say on if we believe a character is acceptable or not.

Our First Teaser:

Grandfather: My child, come close, and listen to the tale I tell.

Since the sprouting of the Tree, in times of greatest peril, it has called upon people to set right what has gone wrong. To restore order to the world.

It calls upon fortune hunters, those that seek not gems or treasure, no, their fortunes are that of greater than gold. Their fortunes are ones of purpose! Ones who seek the cure for the disease wasting their love, the ones who need to retake their fallen homeland, those that would find the lost blade to defeat the greatest evil.

But they cannot win this war alone. They are aided by great crafters, for even the most hearty of souls need arms to protect them, maps to show them the way, and balms to ease their wounds.

Man cannot sustain themselves upon air alone, but need a warm meal in their bellies. Likewise, a man will go lame walking upon the harshest terrain, but with a steady mount, can traverse any distance. And without the tools of great artifice made by wizened sages, a message lost in the chaos of battle could turn the tide.

Children: But... But Grandpa, didn't all those fortune hunters and crafters die?

Grandfather: They're only dead if you find the bodies.

Father: FATHER!

Grandfather: What? It's true!

Father: *AHEM* We send people down into the stratum to gather supplies we need for the town!

Child: But what about all that stuff Grandpa just said?

Father: Your Grandfather just likes to tell stories. That's all that old legend is - a story, nothing more. *glares at his father* Isn't that right, Father?

Grandfather: Say what you will, son, but I can sense it in the Roots. I can sense it in the rustle of the leaves of the Tree. A great evil is coming, and the Call will go out again.

Father: I think that's enough of that for today. Son, why don't you go wash up for supper?

Child: But Dad...

Father: Now.

Child: *sighs, goes off stage*

Father: Father, why do you fill his head with such things? He is young. Let him dream of happier things.

Grandfather: Is sleep that ends in fire is a dream or a nightmare? Only those who craft their dreams into blades will be able to slay the beast that breathes the fire to end the world.

Father: *just shakes his head and walks off stage*

Grandfather: I fear when the call of the Tree will go out to the universe again, for this time, perhaps the aid it brings to our world will not be enough to save us.