Costume Contest | Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

April 1-3, 2016, Lancaster County Convention Center

Costume Contest

Welcome to Zenkaikon's Cyber Costume Contest! 

With the Masquerade and Hall Costume Contest unable to occur this year, we invite you to join our online contest!

Enter the Zenkaikon Online 2021 Cyber Costume Contest!

This contest is a Craftsmanship contest. Our Judges will look over your costume submission and we will be handing out awards, same as if in person! Happy Cosplaying!!


Submissions Close Saturday, March 6th at 10pm.
Winners will be announced Saturday, March 20th.


This is a craftmanship contest. Participants may not enter a costume in the Cyber Cosplay Contest that they did not make themselves. It is expected that participants are the primary creator of the costume and make at least 80% of it. Youth participants can be expected to have received help with their costumes, however, the youth participant must have had a hand in its construction.

If the costume you are entering with has won a Major Award (see below) at ANY convention, it may not be entered in our competition.

Submissions will only be take from residents in the United States.

Submissions must be entered as ONE of the following:

  • Powerpoint

  • Google Doc (make sure it is sharable)

  • Gallery link (which includes detailed descriptions with each image)

  • Youtube Video, 5 minute max 

All submissions must contain the following:

  1. Your Name/Cosplay Alias, your email, the character name, and the series name

  2. A reference image for a recreation or a sketch of your original design

  3. Progress images/videos of you working on the costume
  4.  Full length photos of you wearing the costume

  5. Close up images/video of your costume details and construction
A detailed description of how you created your costume

Full Length Photos must include the 4 main angles (Front, Back, Left Side, and Right Side). 

Close Up images / Video includes things such as closures, hems, beading, painting, makeup, wig-work, corsetry, inner layers, and so forth. Anything the judges would be looking at, up close, in person. 

The more you show & tell us, the better your chances.

Participants may have models to display their costumes. However, if entering with models, the primary creator must be the one entering this contest and only they (the creator) will be eligible for any awards for those costumes. No more than five (5) models/costumes may be presented.

Groups are welcome to be judged together but no more than five (5) participants may be in any given group.

Entries are open to multiple genres: Anime/Manga, Video Game, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Original Design, Adaptation, Fan-Art costumes, and any other costumes related to one or more of these genres. Costumes are not limited to source material.


Entrants will be judged according to their Skill Level. The skill levels for judging are as follows:

This is the category for those under 12 years old. Participants in this category will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This includes groups that are majority youth. Though it is expected that Junior entries will have assistance, it is assumed that the work entered is still mostly created by the junior entrant. If the work is wholly created by a parent/guardian, a relative, or an older sibling, the entry should be entered in the appropriate Skill Level under the actual creator.

Open to competitors who have not yet won a Major award at any Hall or Masquerade competitions. 

Any contestant who has won at least once in any division other than Beginner may not enter as a Beginner. 

 Open to competitors who have won at least one Major Award at any Hall or Masquerade competitions. 

If you have won at least 2 Major Awards at this level, you must compete at Advanced Division.

A contestant who has won at least 2 major awards in the Intermediate division MUST enter in the Advanced division. 

Professional Costumers must enter in the Advanced Division (CANNOT enter any other division).


Judges reserve the right to advance an entry to Intermediate or Advanced, if the entry shows their skill level deserving of advancement despite a lack of awards. Competitors can also enter at a higher skill level if they so chose, they simply cannot enter a lower skill level than what they are eligible for to begin with.

Professional Costumer is defined as someone who makes over 50% of their income through costume making or commissions.

Major awards are defined as “Best in Show”, “Best of Division”, “Best of Day” or placement (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)

Minor awards are defined as those such as Honorable Mention, Judge’s Awards, and those not covered under Major awards. They do not affect skill level placement.

The amount and types of awards presented are at the discretion of Zenkaikon Cosplay Staff and the Head of Cosplay.

Zenkaikon Staff are not permitted to enter the competition.

Enter the Zenkaikon Online 2021 Cyber Costume Contest!