Cosplay Judges | Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

April 1-3, 2016, Lancaster County Convention Center

Cosplay Judges

Zenkaikon 2021 Cosplay Judges

Please welcome your Judges for our Virtual Costume Contest for 2021!

Horror Queen Cosplay

Horror Queen Cosplay has been a cosplayer since 2008 and currently lives in New Jersey. From frilly princess ballgowns to horrifying horror characters, she loves cosplaying from just about anything! She is an Advanced level Masquerade competitor and loves coming up with creative and unique skits. She has become a recent Twitch streamer and loves making costumes on stream.


StrawberryPaperDoll aka IchigoGami started costuming and designing with passion at a very young age. Xhe went on to get a Bachelor of Science in Design with a concentration in Fashion and then worked in the textile industry for many years. Xhe has also had experience in performance working at a Professional Theater and Judging Drag competitions in the past.

After Xer work in theater, xhe went on to have a rich career in working as an educator with a Maker's Space that focused on costuming and taught everything from Resin, to Thermoplastics, to Wig works.

Xhe has since started streaming on Twitch at during the pandemic to share the love and process of creativity and making you feel your best in your body and clothes!

Wild Spice

Proud Hufflepuff and ENFP, WildSpice (once known as CCAmanda), has been a cosplayer for over 15 years and has competed in various masquerades and costume contests. She has been attending Zenkaikon since the days of Kosaikon and is hyped to be one of your masquerade judges! At conventions outside of judging, staffing, or MCing, you can find her presenting various panels, or doing cosplay photoshoots for fellow cosplayers (Wild Spice Photography).

Moon Mama

Moon Mama has been in the cosplay community with her daughters for over 12 year. Collectively, they are known as Moon Family Cosplay. She is very active in the cosplay community either staffing Cosplay Departments or performing on stages at Masquerades and the DC Cherry Blossom Festival.  Moon Mama is always excited to try new skills and help others achieve their cosplay goals.She is very excited to see what everyone brings Zenkaikon Online.  “See you at Prop Check in 2022. (wink)”