Cosplay Judges | Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

April 1-3, 2016, Lancaster County Convention Center

Cosplay Judges

Your Panel of Judges for 2022!

UPDATE:  Unfortunately, IchigoGami is no longer able to attend.  We wish them well!


Horror Queen Cosplay

Since 2008, Horror Queen Cosplay has been on the roller coaster that is cosplay. She enjoys the elegance of ballgowns to the thrill of horror costumes. Hikaru is an east coast local with a taste for obscure cosplays and challenges from "Ever After High" to "Jennifer's Body".  A former competitor for several years at Zenkaikon, she looks forward to seeing the amazing show that everyone will bring for 2022!

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Wild Spice

Time to get spicy! Proud Hufflepuff and ENFP, WildSpice has been a cosplayer for over 15 years and has competed, judged, and hosted various costume competitions. She has been attending Zenkaikon since the days of Kosaikon and is hyped to be one of your masquerade judges! When she isn't cosplaying, you can find her focused on photography at Wild Spice Photography. If that wasn't enough, she also works on programming at AnimeNEXT and Con Chair of Shikkaricon!


Ichigo Gami (aka- Strawberry Paper Doll)

Creating since a young age, she started her cosplay journey back in 2003. Subsequently earning her degree in fashion design and specializing in textile knowledge. She has gained experience in many professional backgrounds, from theatre to thermoplastics. She has her own fashion design company as well, focusing on alternative styles and exploring harajuku street fashions and pairing them with sustainable practices. She also works as an educator to her local cosplay community offering classes with focus on safety for sewing, thermoplastics, resin, and other creative fields and hopes to make cosplay feel accessible and inclusive to anyone!

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Hall Costume Contest:

Trishycakes Cosplay

Trishycakes Cosplay is a self-taught seamstress and professional artist located out of Harrisburg, PA. She turned her love of cosplay and crafting into a full time business in 2017 and began competitive cosplay that same year. Her expertise is resin casting, 3D printing and seam work.  At Zenkaikon 2019, she received Best in Show for the Hall Costume Contest with her recreation of Nurse Joy.

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Jennifer has 12 years of experience in costuming and competing at conventions and has received numerous of accolades including Best In Show at Otakon 2017. With a keen eye for detail, she enjoys working on complex costumes containing applique and embellishments. When she's not working on cosplay she can be found knitting, reading, playing video games, and crying about fictional characters.


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Lemiriana Cosplay

Lemiriana Cosplay is a Pittsburgh based cosplayer that has been cosplaying for almost 12 years. She specializes in large props and armor pieces, but has used a variety of mediums. Lemiriana Cosplay delves into pop culture, video games, and fictional works for inspiration. She has been featured in several magazines, including Cosplay Realm and CosplayZine, and has won various awards for her work.

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