Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

April 1-3, 2016, Lancaster County Convention Center

Zenkaikon 2017 Cosplay Judges

Meet our Judges for Zenkaikon 2017

We had an astounding number of applicants this year.  It was quite the difficult choice.  Thank you again to all who applied.  Below are our selected judges for the Masquerade and Hall Costume Contest for 2017!  


Lady Altara

Lady Altara has been active in the convention community either cosplaying together with her family, staffing together with her family, doing skits with her family, or just checking out new conventions with her family.  (Pst, you might run into her family at Zenkaikon.)  WIth over 20 years of sewing experience, she enjoys the creative process and talking shop with others. She is very happy to be attending Zenkaikon this year and is looking forward to meeting everyone and working with the Masquerade.


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Stevie has been cosplaying for over ten years and loves video games starting with the original NES. In her free time, Stevie likes making bad puns and going for a run -- not always at the same time, of course! She's thrilled to be a part of her first Zenkaikon and to meet more cosplayers and fellow fans. The best part of cosplay is making the costume itself for Stevie, and game characters are her favorites to cosplay. Previously, Stevie has won multiple cosplay awards for the masquerade, including Best in Show, Best Performance, and Best Overall Craftsmanship. Although still a student, Stevie has professionally interned New York Theater Workshop's costume department and is currently the Production Management Apprentice at the New 42nd Street Theater. Stevie is the puppetry assistant of The Nibbler at Rattlestick Theater in New York City.



IchigoGami started costuming and designing with passion at a very young age. She went on to get a Bachelor of Science in Design with a concentration in Fashion and then worked in the textile industry for many years. She has also had experience in performance working at a Professional Theater in Virginia and Judging drag competitions in the past. She has since moved onto freelance teaching classes ranging from thermoplastic theater grade armor-making to bespoked tailoring, and recently won 1st place at Rufflecon 2016 for her original design.

Hall Costume Contest


The Real Nuriko

The Real Nuriko started costuming at clubs and bars performing in drag shows, but not finding dresses and costumes that were his size or style, he turned to his mother and her sewing machine for help. Learning the basics, he then began to sew more and more elaborate costumes. With a detailed eye and delicate hand, his specialty is embroidery and bead work.

Sayakat Cosplay

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Cosplaying for the past 2 years. Sayakat Cosplay specializes in armor and prop making, but she also does all her own sewing, wig styling, and costume makeup. She likes to cosplay both big armors and smaller fun cosplays. She loves working with new and different materials and sharing her skills and costuming tips with others!  Bio photoAlexandra Lee Studios  www.facebook.com/Alexandraleestudios  

FKL Cosplay

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Amanduh is an aspiring cosplay entertainer based out of South-Central Pennsylvania. Growing up, she always loved art and the world of fantasy and video games, and cosplay appealed to her. Entirely self-taught (mostly through Youtube), she started cosplaying in June of 2016. Her first ever cosplay was pieced together with Goodwill items and hot glue. Since then, she's refined her talents to include armor making and sewing, and hopes to only continue to hone her skills and grow as a more competent costume maker.