Zenkaikon 2019 Cosplay Judges | Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

April 1-3, 2016, Lancaster County Convention Center

Zenkaikon 2019 Cosplay Judges

2019 Zenkaikon Judges

We are happy to announce our Hall Cosplay and Masquerade Judges for Zenkaikon 2019!

Hall Costume Contest Judges

Krispy Kreme Cosplay

Aleathia is a Cosplayer, Freelance Costume Designer, and Wig Stylist from Atlanta. She has over 15 years of Costume and Garment construction and over 25 Craftsmanship awards for her work. She has worked on many productions through out Atlanta, and volunteers her time in the Theater department at her school where she is an Assistant Science Teacher for Early Childhood at St. Martin’s Episcopal School. She is very excited to be attending Zenkaikon for the first time.

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The Sparrow’s Providence

Working online as The Sparrow’s Providence, she has been been cosplaying since 2012 with a resume of about 50 cosplays and a number of first place and best in show awards. She loves everything that goes into making a cosplay, from the wigs to sewing to armor and prop making and everything in between, but her favorite is seeing the passion and dedication people put into their costumes. This is her first Zenkaikon and she excited to see what cosplays people bring to show off their incredible skills! Photo credit: Vanderthegeneralist on Instagram.


Masquerade Judges

Literal Trash Cosplay

Literal Trash Cosplay, or Nana, has been creating costumes since 2009 and competing since 2017. During their competitive career, they have won several awards in performance and craftsmanship including Best in Show at Otakon 2018 and best craftsmanship at AUSA 2018. Adding their own touch to a character’s design is something that has always been important when creating their cosplays. Whether it be adding stains to a lab coat or weathering clothing/props, these small details really help bring characters into the real world and make them your own! When they aren’t creating costumes or running their local fabric and craft store, Nana DMs for a small DnD podcast called Dunk N Dragons. Photo credit: Mark Horowitz Photography


Kit Kat Cosplay

Darcy, also known as Kit, is an aspiring cosplay/costume creator. She has been cosplaying since 2014 and has competed at many masquerades, winning awards for performance, craftsmanship and even Best in Show with her cosplay partner Sami in 2016! She loves working with worbla, making complicated armor builds, creating pieces with tons of crystals and focusing on even the smallest of details. With each passing costume she strives to improve her work even more and learn at least one new technique! You can find her primarily on Instagram.


Sky Song

Sky Song is an artist dedicated to the craft of her cosplays for nearly four years. She is known for her attention to detail, the sense of realism brought to each character she creates, and her foam armor construction. An outspoken advocate of inclusivity within the cosplay community, Sky strives to ensure that anyone can feel comfortable cosplaying. When she's not at a convention or working on her latest cosplay, Sky can be found playing her favorite video games and binging shows on Netflix. Photo credit: Depth of Light Photography

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Corgi Cosplay

Our Cosplay Guest! Corgi Cosplay is made up of Kiba (a Pembroke Welsh Corgi) and his human sidekick Nicole that live in Arizona! Kiba is actually Nicole's service dog and takes his job pretty seriously, even under the costumes. Kiba started cosplaying about 5 years ago with a Link cosplay (Legend of Zelda) and a Moogle cosplay (Final Fantasy series), and Nicole slowly started about 4 years ago with Hinata (Naruto). Since their start, they have now guested at over 20 cons and have been featured in articles online and in print. Nicole loves talking about cosplay positivity and it being for everyone, no matter size, color, gender, nor even species!

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