Cosplay Ball | Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

April 1-3, 2016, Lancaster County Convention Center

Cosplay Ball

Sakura Ball

Back for 2018, the Sakura Ball is Friday evening's formal event for all ages!  Prepare for a decadent evening of cosplay, music, and dance. This is a highly attended event.  We cannot guarantee all will be admitted. Prior to the ball, a ballroom dance workshop will be provided.  Formal dress is not required for the workshop. We look forward to seeing everyone dressed to the nines!

Dance the evening away with Triforce Quartet!

The Musical Guest, Triforce Quartet will perform this year as you spin on the dance floor.  

More information on Triforce Quartet is available here.

We would like to welcome back our dance instructor, Diana Hong: 

Diana Hong is a ballroom dance teacher from the Philadelphia area who teaches at the Upper Main Line YMCA, Zenkaikon 2014 -2017, and Katsucon 2013-2017. She owned Dance Muse Studio in King of Prussia, PA until 2012 and was the expert judge at the 2012 Dancing with the SMM Stars Gala in Drexel Hill, PA. Prior to 2009, Diana competed Pro-Am actively on the Arthur Murray circuit, winning Top Lady awards in Bronze in regional events. A rabid manga and anime fan, Diana likes shoujo and josei genres, usually with a school life or fantasy twist.

Dress Code

As with any formal event, there is a dress code and some expected decorum.  Since this event’s main feature is music and dance, attendees should be sure to wear attire that they can move comfortably in.  Although the dress code will allow admittance to the Sakura Ball, not all forms of dress are appropriate. Attendees should not wear costume pieces or shoes that can easily come off. No props are allowed. Actual costume is not required, but the dress code must be adhered to.

Allowed Womenswear:

*All dresses/skirts should be approximately knee length or longer

  • Formal Costumes *

  • Prom dresses*

  • Formal gowns*

  • Lolita (EGL/EGA)*

  • Cocktail Dresses*

  • Formal Separates

  • Kimono and Cheongsam

  • Dress Uniforms

  • Formal Medieval/Renaissance/Period Attire

Allowed Menswear:

  • Formal Costumes

  • Suits

  • Tuxedos

  • Oji Lolita

  • Kimono

  • Dress Uniforms

  • Kilts (with appropriate additional attire)

  • Formal Medieval/Renaissance/Period Attire

  • At the least, a dress shirt, tie, slacks

Appropriate Footwear:

  • Heels

  • Dress Flats

  • Formal and Period Boots

  • Geta and Zori (only with appropriate Asian formal attire)

  • Men’s Dress Shoes

In general, clothing should be modest, not skin tight, and not reveal a large amount of skin.  It should also not drag on the floor with a long train. Think of what a person or character might wear to a formal event like a wedding or prom. Crossplay is welcome as long as the attire is appropriate for the character being portrayed.  Accessories like top hats, canes, or hand fans are welcome.  

Not Allowed

  • Formal Wear that drags on the floor (examples: trains, ribbons, etc)

  • Wings, armor, or other attachments that extend off the body

  • Jeans

  • T-shirts

  • Fishnets

  • Clothing with chains, straps, or buckles

  • Bare midriffs

  • Miniskirts

  • Cut-off or shredded clothing

  • Sneakers

  • Sandals and flip-flops

  • Boots with heavy straps and studs that are not formal in nature (examples: Doc Martens and biker boots)

  • Props such as, but not limited to swords, axes, cudgels, and sporting equipment

  • Other casual attire