Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

April 1-3, 2016, Lancaster County Convention Center

Autograph Sessions

Autograph Locations

NEW: We have added a new autograph location in the Tellus 360 building (“The Temple” Room) next to the convention center and are no longer using Vine Street Lobby. In addition to this new autograph location (Tellus 360 “The Temple”) some guests will again be signing autographs at their booths at the Exhibit Hall (Freedom Hall B) at specified times during Exhibit Hall hours. Please check the program schedule for the assigned days, times, and locations.

General Autograph Information

All guests will autograph the Zenkaikon 2017 Program Book free of charge (one per person). Depending on the guest, additional items and autographs may be subject to an additional fee. (Fees, if any, are set by the guest and Zenkaikon does not take a cut.) See below for specifics about each guest. Unless otherwise noted below, guest will sign autographs free of charge.

Guests who will be signing autographs only during officially scheduled times (check schedule when it's released):

Tellus 360 “The Temple”

  • Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie: One item /person free (program book OR other item). Additional signatures (8x10 signed photos) ($10) and John’s book ($20) can be purchased at the table. Photos (selfies) with guests and/or audio/visual recordings with/of guests are $10 each.

Exhibit Hall (Freedom Hall B)

  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Steve Blum: 2 autographs/person are free on fan supplied items. Additional Autographs are $20 each. Recordings or phone calls are $20 each. Pictures at the table are $10

Guests who will be signing autographs at their table in Exhibit Hall during Hall hours, when they are not busy with panels/activities:

  • Karl Custer (Uncle Yo)
  • Keith DeCandido

Guests who will have BOTH officially scheduled autograph sessions AND will sign autographs at their table in Exhibit Hall during Hall hours when they are not otherwise busy with panels/activities:

  • Sonny Strait: One item (program book OR other item) and one photo/person for free. Additional autographs are $20 each, additional photos are $10 each and audio/visual recordings with/of guest are $25 each.
  • The Slants