• March 24-26, 2023
  • Lancaster County Convention Center, Lancaster, PA

Zenkaikon Online Frequently Asked Questions

Zenkaikon Online is the online component of Zenkaikon 2022. As a hybrid convention, we are offering live streaming content in addition to our in-person panels.

Zenkaikon Online streaming content is available to both in-person Zenkaikon members and anyone who is not attending the convention. Access is available here.

Online access costs $15 and lasts for the entire year.

Your in-person membership does not come with online access. However, you have the ability to easily add-on access through our link here and throughout the Lancaster Marriott by scanning the QR codes on our signage.

Your VIP Zenkaikon membership does not include online access.  As with the in-person membership, however, you have the ability to easily add it.

We will be featuring both online-only and in-person panels and events from Zenkaikon 2022, along with all panels from Zenkaikon 2021, and general con ambience background videos.

This is our first year as a hybrid convention. We want to both gauge how much interest is in our online content and get the experience necessary to stream live content from our Lancaster hotel. If this proves popular enough, we are open to expanding our online coverage.

Zenkaikon Online will be streaming content out of our Main Events room, as well as two of our largest panel rooms.

We will be online starting early on the Friday of the convention, March 25, 2022. We expect the schedule to be out at least a week before the convention, so please keep your eyes and ears open for when we release our schedule!

Once your online access is active, you gain access to all recordings all year long from Zenkaikon 2022 and Zenkaikon 2021, along with a curated collection of content from past conventions.

At this time, all Zenkaikon Online content is only available through our partners at UScreen. However, all web browsers work with UScreen, so you can access our content with any device that has a web browser.

You’ll be able to chat with everyone viewing Zenkaikon Online through our official Zenkaikon Discord server, which you can access by clicking here.

Head to our Contact page and send us an email. You can also go to our Facebook page and message us there.