Support our Dealers and Artists | Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

April 1-3, 2016, Lancaster County Convention Center

Support our Dealers and Artists

Tue, 03/17/2020 - 9:38pm

Below is a list of all exhibitors that would have joined us in March, along with links to their online stores if available. Times are tough right now -  most especially for small businesses like these. Please show them your love and support by considering purchases and art commissions. We’re all in this together.

Dealers Room

  • Alicia's Anime
    Anime shirts and accessories (lanyards, keychains, hoodies, belts, socks, headbands, pins, jewelry, scarves, bags, wallets, etc.
  • Anime Pavilion

  • Anime Remix
    Funko, figures, wallscrolls, bags, hats, plush, clothing and accessories
  • Arise Bazaar
  • Beastly Boo-tique
    Custom costume horns, realistic faux fur ears, custom printed fabric accessories, animal ear hats,  enamel pins, chokers and harajuku fashion accessories
  • Books A Million
    Books, plush, Funko and board games related to anime/manga
  • Bunnies and Cream
    Handmade bath, body, wax products, accessories and apparel with a cute bunny theme
  • Cartoon Passion
    Japanese anime and kawaii character goods and accessories plus Japanese snacks
  • Cat Crossing & Akaminyan
    Anime fan art on prints, keychains, pillows, game mats and more! Original art on sweatshirts and t-shirts
  • Closet Geek 
     L.E.D. novelties (masks, cat ears, visors, glasses, and apparel), gaming and anime designer bags and backpacks, and Funko figures
  • Collectors Universe and Anime
    T-shirts, hoodies, clothing, onesies/kigurumis, plush, wall scrolls, Japanese snacks
  • Cutie Pie Kawaii
    Authentic Japanese plush brands focusing on super cute and pastel themes, rare and crazy Japanese candy kits, snacks, Japanese color tamagotchi, Japanese sweaters and fashion accessories, charms
  • Dress Your Dreams
  • Farbo Co  (Zenkaikon 2020 Sponsor, Lancaster Local)
    board games, graphic novels, RPG books & sets, model kits, dice
  • Hamsies Cute Shop
    Kawaii goods, stationary, keychains, accessories, socks, notebooks, backpacks
  • Hikari wo Sagasu
    Handmade accesories: floral crown headbands, bunny floral headbands, antler headbands, origami rose accessories (hair pins, hair combs, hair sticks, rings, clips), handmade fabricJapanese kanzashi (hair combs, hair clips, lapels, broaches), clay macaron necklaces and rings. gothic lolita style earcuff earrings, charm earrings
  • HKT Import Toys
    Japanese import toys, collectibles, and licensed character goods. Super Sentai, Godzilla, Transformers, Gashapon items, as well as current Japanese trendy items such as Ita bags. Japanese candy and snacks.
  • Holy Cow Anime
    Vintage anime and gaming products.  T-shirts, manga, games, DVDs, figurines, plush, messenger bags, key chains, cosplay accessories, totes, jewelry,  model kits, bentos, art books, VHS, and trading cards.
  • Hungarian Wand Shop
    wooden magic wands and wand accessories
  • Itabag Palace frm. Anime on Stage
    Itabags and aaccessories that help you make decorating easy, fun, and highly personalized. Keychains, buttons, bromides, plushies, and more.
  • IT Cosplay
  • Jagged Edge Gaming
    Card games, board games, roleplaying games, and extra supplies.  CCGs and sleeves, deckboxes and playmats, hand painted art, cross-stitches, and buttons.
  • J and J Enterprises
  • Jukebox Imports
  • Julia Lichty - After Images of Ghostfire (Zenkaikon 2020 official artist)
    Original and fan art prints, buttons, magnets, and comissions.
  • Kochira Kawaii
    Japanese anime and gaming figures and trading figures specializing in rare and discontinued figures as well as ichiban kuji prizes
  • Kyoto Anime 
    Imported anime collectibles such as: boxed trading figures, gashapon figures, key chains and cell phone charms, PVC statues, Sega and Banpresto prize items, plush
  • Media Blasters (Industry)
    ​Home video, custom figures, books and prints
  • Moon Family Studios
    anime, geek and pop culture related crafts
  • Mythical Fair
    Fantasy resin statues; anime, steampunk & fantasy jewelry; Chaos Emeralds; buttons; hand-made plushies
  • Science Fiction Continuum
    Discounted manga and art books; anime and gaming caps, bags and accessories; Doctor Who and Harry Potter accessories
  • Sig Toys
    Import toys, action figures, trading figures, model kits, Japanese novelty snacks
  • Studio Kitsu
    Plush, figures, drinkware, clothing, and fashion accessories
  • Stuffed Sushi
    Handmade sushi roll and riceball plushies, pins, keychains, jewelry, bento boxes, bento tools, gachapon machine toys
  • Sweet Mildred
    Handmade gothic lolita clothing, hair accessories, hats and jewelry. Curated selection of imported lolita shoes, bags and blouses. 
  • TawnieBow
    wigs, wig accessories, hair accessories
  • The Comic Store (Lancaster Local)
    Games, dice, figures, comics and graphic novels
  • The Dragon's Lair 
    Plush (from Aardvark to Zebra), t-shirts, some miscellaneous items
  • Tomboy Togs (Lancaster Local)
    Embroidered felt playthings and accessories.  Items include: hair accessories, pins, finger puppets, key chains and more
  • Urban Sheek 
    Clothing, fashion accessories (bags, wallets, coin purse, earmuffs, face masks, key chains), toys (plushies, mini block figures, novelty mechanical banks), arts & crafts (felt stitch kits, origami paper, star paper), stationaries (pens, stickers, notebooks, post-its), audio (cat ear headphones, cute earbuds)
  • W Designs by Diane 
    Geeky themed jewelry, bags, aprons and costumes

Artist Alley

  • Allison Weyda Illustration 
    Fan art and original prints, charms, enamel pins, original drawings/commissions
  • Alternate Universe
    Sewn pouches (various styles and sizes), dice bags, wallets, knit hats (pride and house hats), amigurumi (bats, bees, sea creatures, pokemon, other cute things), sewn plush, bath and body products (bath bombs, wax melts, lip balm, lotion bars, soap, lip scrubs, bath salts, bubble bars), buttons, knit scalemaille
  • Belli-buttons
    1-inch pinback buttons in 820 different designs, prints, custom playing card decks, stamps, bookmarks, Emberwind Tabletop RPG, washi/clear tapes, doujinshi, enamel pins, card wallets, sketchbooks, vinyl stickers
  • Brownrabbits
    Prints, charms, enamel pins, mini prints, lanyards
  • Cambrasine     
    Fan art and original illustrations, enamel pins, keychains, heart/star buttons, prints, water bottles, mini dry erase boards/standees, zines, pouches. Hand-pulled silk screen products such as prints, tees, totes and bandanas.
  • Catmint Studios
  • Centimetre & Pongo Art
  • Cute 'N Kitschy
    Jewelry, bottle art, bottle jewelry, handmade polymer charms and statues, lanyards, greeting cards, bows, succulent boxes and candles.
  • Devil's Bakery
    Cute and classy prints, plush, bags, pins, and accessories.
  • Elikathal
    Handmade fan art and original plushies. Cosplay kimono dresses based and matching accessories. Original buttons.
  • Esclair Studios        
    ​Wall clocks, art prints, buttons, charms, and shadowbox art
  • FalseDelusion
    Fan art and original posters and prints, acrylic charms, lanyards, and small pencil pouches
  • Frontline Studios
    Handmade cosplay props from anime, video games, movies, comic books, using the following media: resin, silicone, 3-D prints.
  • Gay Breakfast
  • Geeks Next Door  (Zenkaikon Chibi Artist)
  • Hallowed Reams
    Prints and live sketches
  • Haruka Illustration
    Wooden charms, acrylic keychains, circle buttons, heart and star shaped buttons, enamel pins, lanyards, notebooks, stickers, etc of illustrations of cute animals. Some charm, keychains, stickers and buttons of games and anime fanart.
    Homemade original and fan art bathbombs, screenprinted totes & cosplay pun t-shirts, original and fan art prints, zines, enamel pins and magnets
  • Hootles Art
    Original and fan art with JFashion and pastel punk aesthetics
    Prints and original commissions
  • Jason Lenox Illustrator
    Original self published comics, prints, original arts, stickers and shirts 
  • JBlake Design
    Prints, acrylic charm keychains, vinyl stickers, holographic stickers, original artwork, commissions, and special one-of-a-kind caricatures. Focused on themes including anime, gaming, comic, pop-culture, nature, dark art, original art, mythology, and folklore tales.
  • jdelgado!
    Prints ranging in anime, comics, original, crossovers, gaming and pop culture. Also stickers, buttons, keychains, mini prints with top loaders and on spot commissions.
  • Jenachuu
    Prints of JRPG/video game characters, original prints of locations in Japan prints of characters of my comic. Variety of charms of the same subject matter.
  • Saiyre
    Original and fanart prints, original paintings/drawings, buttons, stickers, bookmarks, notebooks, enamel pins. 
  • John V. Salvino
    Original self-published graphic novels, original sumi ink paintings and prints, and hand-made "kitbashed" model sculptures.
  • Krazehcakes
    Spot Foil illustration prints of food, horror games and classic games, custom gaming mousepads, charms, stickers, and some cursed memes. Limited enamel pins.
  • Kyuriin  
    Prints and commissions
  • Lilycli 
    Prints, charms, standees, lanyards, handmade pillows of my artwork.
  • Lithe-Fider Creatures
    ​Handmade art dolls and polymer clay / sewn fairy kei harajuku style accessories. Little bags and special collage buttons (made with fabric scraps, printed words, and glitter). 
  • The Lumbering Blacksmith
    Hand made wooden pop-culture crafts, cosplay props,and other wooden creations. 
  •  L. Bellamy
    Fan art prints, original prints, original male/male romance books
  • Mad Dash Studio
    ​Wall art, jewelry, hair accessories, ornaments, figurines, and small sculpture pieces hand-sculpted in high quality polymer clay
  • Mandah "ForesakenFaerie"
    ​Custom on demand buttons, table commissions, adoptable stickers, planner stickers, prints, 3D printed accessories, OC merchandise from podcast "Hex Support"
  • Melissa Mendelson Art
    Watercolor illustrations inspired by sleddogs, wildlife, fantasy, and video games. Prints, pins, lanyards, bags, books, stickers, keychains, animal skull half masks and stylized animal masks.
  • Memento Mori Amore
  • Miniature Inspirations
    Handmade miniature needle felt fiber sculptures of animals, pet portraits, anime characters, foods, objects, and more. Faux felt terrariums, felt jewelry, felt ornaments, felt headbands and felt hairsticks. Felt buttons.
  • mintandapple
    Original art enamel pins, sweatshirts, posters, sketchbooks, t-shirts, lanyards, keychains and bags. Fan art and original characters.
  • muddymelly
  • Illustrations and fan artwork professionally printed on archival-quality photo paper and glossy cover stock.
  • Next Level Crafts
    Handmade jewelry and fine metals accessories inspired by anime, video games, movies, comics, and pop culture.
  • Nomnivore Games Inc.
    Emberwind award-winning indie tabletop RPG - game books, game accessories, and game merchandise. Charity project where proceeds beyond minimum viability go to supporting mental health.
  • Octo Star Creations
    Fanart and original illustration prints, charms, pins, stickers, tote bags, plush pillows, apparel, zines and comics
  • Paisley Peacock Body Arts
  • PookatDinoCrafts
  • Prism & Lace Studio
    Fanart and original print illustrations, original Comics and zines, buttons, charms and other small merch
  • Record Timing
    Laser cut/CNC routed vinyl record clocks, laser-cut crafts and pop culture related prints.
  • Robojunbug
  • Sarah Elizabeth Illustrations
    Hand sculpted polymer RPG (role play game) miniatures, figurines, and pins.  Prints of fan art and original art. Commissions that can be drawn or sculpted. 
  • Seres, Peri, & Paige
  • Fantasy works, fan art, sculptural pieces, posters, prints, etc.
  • Shoestring Scientists
    ​Take-home kits for building and creating crafts, 3D-printed items, and art prints. Create your own PokeBall habitat.
  • Tea Fox Illustrations
    ​Mixed media tea paintings inspired by yokai animals from Japanese folklore. Prints (poster, matted, canvas), charms, totes, wall scrolls, and bookmarks. 
  • The Faerie Garbmother
  • Variety of handmade embroidered goods - hats, ear warmers, stuffed animals, cloaks, patches, and barrettes. Decorated top hats and purses made of fandom fabrics.
  • Ugly Tarantula
    ​Apparel such as button up shirts and hats. Skirts, charms and lanyards. 
  • Voidbug
    Prints, original art, and pins
  • Voidcraft
    ​Plushies, 3D printed jewelry, buttons, stickers. 
  • Yanimator Art & Nayuki Draws
    ​Art prints, postcard prints, keychains, lanyards, stickers.
  • Zipscribs
    Prints, stickers