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PA Renaissance Faire Ticket Winners!

Fri, 03/13/2015 - 9:09pm

We're happy to announce the winners of our contest to win tickets to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Congratulations to Andrea P. and Jenna K., who each won a pair of tickets to the Faire! Below are their winning entries:

From Andrea P.: My favorite time period is the far future--centuries beyond the present--because it's the realm of possibilities, the time equivalent of wishing for more wishes. In the future we could recreate the grandeur of Renaissance Venice with the nanotechnology of Neal Stephenson's wildest imaginings; we can experience honor and chivalry with the sobering wisdom of secular humanism to keep us in check. There's no saying the far future needs to be bland and chrome: in fact, it could afford us doors both figurative and literal into the colorful past, only with the knowledge of the present to keep us sane and alive and human. I'd choose tomorrow over today or yesterday because tomorrow could encompass both. I'm ready for a do-over.

From Jenna K.: I have always been enraptured by the time period between 1940 and 1945-- the height of WWII. It's not the war that has me in love, but the Homefront. It's a connection I can't explain well, since it comes from my soul. Music from back then makes me feel painfully nostalgic for an era that I've never experienced. Radio programs feel so familiar to me, and WWII Weekend in Reading makes me feel so at home. Everything from then takes me back to a more simple and mature time. The books, movies, clothes, styles, etc. all tug at my heartstrings in a pretty great way. I've got "born-in-the-wrong-era syndrome" pretty bad, I suppose. Although I realize it was a frightening and tough time for many due to the war and government rationing, there is something magical about how everyone came together for a common cause, and how people made use of what they had available. I love the ration fashions, and finding little notes in books about paper-conservation efforts and about buying war bonds. I collect as many things as possible from this era, as I would love to live in a house that is practically a window to the 40s. I've been told many times as well that I'm very old fashioned for my young adult age, and that I fit in that time period very well. It's hard to accurately explain the excitement and happiness I feel in regards to these years, but it's a time that really moves me and feels like it's a part of me deep down.

We hope they both enjoy their time at the Faire!

Want to visit the Faire? You can purchase advance tickets here.

About the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Join us for the 35th Season of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire on the grounds of Mount Hope Estate! The castle gates swing wide-open August 1, 2015 for 13 weekends of mirth and merriment amidst jousting knights and royal delights! A cast of hundreds of colorfully costumed characters will fill the Shire with music, dancing and more every Saturday and Sunday (plus Labor Day Monday) until October 25! With over 90 stage shows daily, 22 Royal Kitchens and scores of artisan merchants with handcrafted wares, the Renaissance Faire invites guests to immerse themselves in our 35-acre village and experience the fantasy!