Carolina Manga Library | Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

April 1-3, 2016, Lancaster County Convention Center

Carolina Manga Library

[Make sure to check out the manga library in their NEW LOCATION for 2022! Live 4/Floor 3, Hickory Room!]


 We are a 501(c)3 organization that was formed for the express purpose of promoting literacy through graphic novels.  Nearly 75% of our activities are at conventions that want manga/graphic novel library services.  We operate a traveling library that sets up at conventions and other shows to provide free access to our collection of over 5000 manga, American graphic novels, newspaper comic strips, and artbooks.

We bring our own staff to run the library and operate all days of the convention.  We pride ourselves on having actual certified librarians on staff who are well trained in reader's advisory services. 

We also provide some education panel options, such as our extremely popular Great Graphic Novels You Should Be Reading, during which one of our librarians, in a one-hour presentation, discusses an assortment of titles that demonstrate how graphic novels can change the way people think and how they read.

We have been guests at many conventions since our conception in 2013, including Ohayocon, Matsuricon, and Anime Central.

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