Exhibit Hall | Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

April 1-3, 2016, Lancaster County Convention Center

Exhibit Hall

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Below is a list of all participating Zenkaikon 2021 vendors and artists:

  • Afterimages of Ghostfire - Original artwork, prints, buttons and magnets (Zenkaikon 2020-2021 official artist)
  • A Plush Wonderland - Unique & Handmade Cosplay Kimonos, Plushies, Backpacks, and More!
  • Alicia's Anime & Video Games - Licensed shirts, accessories, bento and plush for all of your nerdy needs!
  • Allison Weyda Illustration - Hi I'm Allison! I sell both fan art and original art on charms, prints, stickers, and pins! I have a variety of fan art from anime, tv shows, and games! My original art has a more unique dark and surreal style. No matter what you are looking for, you an find something to enjoy at my shop!
  • Alternate Universe - We are a shop run by queer artists. Most of what we sell is amigurumi and bath products but we also have sewn pouches and book sleeves, as well as dice bags, pride hats, and whatever else strikes our fancy!
  • Anime Pavilion - We specialize in Anime Manga, DVD, art books, collectibles, Figures and plushies. We also have Magic the Gathering, Yugioh and some Weiszz Schwarz as well as face masks and ita bags. You can find us on our website or under animepavilion on Amazon, Ebay, and TCGplayer. If you have any questions feel free to call at 703-534-1544. If you are in the Metropolitan DC Area, feel free to come by. We are located at 7700 C Backlick Road. Springfield, VA 22150.
  • Art of John V Salvino - sumi ink originals and prints, self published comics, custom figurines, and art commissions by Lancaster PA based artist John V Salvino
  • belli-buttons - Belli-buttons (jinyjin) is a one-stop booth for your nerd product needs. Our main item is our 1-inch pin back buttons and we currently have over 900 different designs from various genres and shows. We also have a wide variety of different products from prints to our custom playing card decks to stamps! From current popular series like My Hero Academia to really obscure shows like Sweeney Todd, we really do cover a wide net of fandoms. With reasonable prices, you also don't need to break your wallet to take home a unique item that represents your current obsession.
  • Books-A-Million (BAM!) - We carry a vast amount of books, tarot cards, apparel, plush, Funko, toys, games and other gift items. For a limited time graphic novels and manga are buy 2 get the 3rd free. Hot new items are available from Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Visit us online, at our store in Lancaster, PA in Park City Center, or any of our other BAM! store locations. You can even place orders online for pickup in your local Books-A-Million!
  • Cambrasine - An illustrator and printmaker from the Boston-area with a variety of wares - from prints to stickers to accessories - shoujo to shonen - fan art to original - with a focus on cute humans and animals! Come see what I have in store :)
  • Cat Crossing - Our work features your favorite fandom characters and lovely atmospheric settings in beautiful fan art and original prints!
  • Cait May Illustration - Illustrated works by Cait May!
  • CheapManga.Com / Science Fiction Continuum - We have discounted manga and art books, as well as caps, packs and Doctor Who merch! See our amazing selection of caps for only $10!
  • Claire Leslie Illustration - Illustrator and graphic novelist specializing in historical fantasy and the macabre. I offer art prints, creepy- cute gothic sculpture, and custom illustration commissions! (Memento Mori Amore studio partner with Mariya Sorrel/PLASTIC RED)
  • Closet geek llc - Plush (gloomy bears, mochi plush, and anime characters), lanyards, keychains, hats, backpacks ( geometric luminous designs ) anime and pop culture, and l.e.d novelties (goggles, light up mask, programmable glasses, l.e.d visors and more)
  • Crocheted by Kirby - I make wonderfully whimsical hand crocheted Geek/Sci Fi/Fantasy/Horror inspired hoods, fingerless gloves, and a few small things.
  • Devil’s Bakery - Cute foxes and cat plush, bags and accessories. Also pins inspired by CCS and fgo!
  • Esclair Studios - Handmade Wall Clocks, Wooden Ornaments, Prints, and layered Shadowbox Artwork
  • FalseDelusion - Anime and gaming posters and keychains drawn by FalseDelusion
  • Farbo Co - board games, graphic novels, RPG books & sets, model kits, dice
  • Geeks Next Door - Assorted comics, prints, shirts, clack fans, and more!
  • Hamsies Cute Shop - Cute and kawaii goodies, especially plushies and stationary!
  • Haruka Illustration - Charms, buttons, and stickers of cute pets and animals! Some yugioh, haikyuu and yu yu hakusho fanart as well.
  • HEYOUWITHEFACE - Collection of Prints, Totes, Shirts, Zines, Pokeball Bathbombs, Enamel Pins, Buttons and Stickers!
  • Hikari wo Sagasu - Hikari wo Sagasu specializes in Original Handmade Accessories inspired by Anime and Japanese pop culture trends! Great accessories for daily casual wear, Lolita coordinates, yukata, and kimonos!
    Most popular items: Origami Rose Pins/Clips, Kanzashi Flower Pieces, Face Masks, Hair Scrunchies!

  • HKT import toys - Premier importer of Japanese toys, anime related products, licensed character goods, Godzilla, Super Sentai, Gashapon, trading figures, Sanrio, plushies, Pokemon merchandise and trendy items.
  • Holy Cow Anime - Holy Cow Anime specializes in Vintage Japanese Anime and Gaming Products from Shows like Yu Yu Hakusho, Trigun, Techi Muyo, Cardcaptors, .Hack//Sign, Basara, InuYasha, Full Metal Alchemist, and Initial D. We carry Figurines, Plush, Pillows, Keychains, CDs, VHS, Games, Dolls, Tote Bags, Model Kits, T-Shirts, Jewelry, and Much More. 
  • Hootles Art - Hootles focuses on relatable “sh*tposty” content that audiences can take humor and joy in. They sell a variety of merchandise types including: sweaters, shirts, prints, charms, stickers, and commissions. Their work spans from original content with funny quotes (”Bold of you to assume I fear death”) to fanart in various fandoms. Some of Hootles’s fandoms include: Haikyuu, My Hero Academia, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Nier: Automata, Fire Emblem, and BanGDream (Bandori)
  • Jackal and Hare - J&H offers primarily enamel pins featuring a wide variety of LGBTQIA and Mythology themes. We also offer bags, bookmarks and charms of various fandoms!
  • JBlake Design - Holo prints, charms, pins, magnets, and more featuring anime/gaming/original art <3
  • jdelgado! - All the things I grew up with and love I draw. From Anime, Gaming, Comic books and Pop culture. Plus everything in my shop is on sale right now with FREE SHIPPING!
  • Kyoto Anime - We sell licensed, imported anime collectibles such as gashapon figures, boxed trading figures, PVC statues, Prize items, plushies, key chains, and cell phone charms.
  • Lenox Art Emporium - Jason Lenox's original artwork in Comics, Prints, Tee Shirts and Stickers
  • Lilycli and UpbeatPals - My shop has my anime and gaming fanarts, as well as originals -- all designed and illustrated with love. They come in the form of posters, label pins, keychains, lanyards, standees (cake toppers), vinyl stickers, hug pillows.
  • Lithe-Fider Creatures - Pastel rainbow fairy kei jewelry and accessories, sewn unique items, and handmade art plush.
  • Moon Family Studios - Hand crafted pop culture and geeky related items.
  • Miniature Inspirations - Miniature Inspirations specializes in handmade needle felted fanart, animal, video game character, and food sculptures.
  • Mintandapple - Cute clothing and accessories.
  • My Mangaka LIFE - Art books sharing my love of art and how to make your own manga, my own original publication (manga), and prints of my own art and characters from my publication.
  • Next Level: Fine Crafts and Accessories - Handmade nerdy jewelry and accessories.
  • Paige Baxter Illustration - Fantasy and D&D based pins, charms, stickers and prints!
  • Peacock's Nest Studio - Double layers cotton face masks with over 400 fabric options, specializing in anime, geeky, Pride, literary, and pop culture patterns. Glasses and heading aid friendly pattern. Also, geeky themed scented hand sanitizer, lotion, and shampoos.
  • Peri Pendrake - Clay figures, watercolor originals, wooden pins, acrylic charms, vinyl stickers themed around animals, fantasy creatures and fanart.
  • PLASTIC RED - Mariya Sorrel selling spooky/kawaii amigurumi and cozy crocheted wonders to keep you stylish, warm, and entertained. (Memento Mori Amore studio partner with Claire Leslie (Illustration).)
  • Rosy Gaze - Apparel, charms, and more!
  • sig toys - Japanese collectibles
  • Squishworks Studio - Handmade props and collectibles from popular TV shows, anime, and video games like Fallout, RWBY, and Final Fantasy.
  • Studio Kitsu - Studio Kitsu is your one stop shop for cute and nerdy gifts for the holidays! Get 20% off when you use code HOLIDAY20 at checkout.
  • Stuffed Sushi - Have you ever hugged a Sushi??? Stuffed Sushi sells huggable homemade Sushi Rolls in classic styles like tuna, salmon, and california, and adorable Riceball critters like owl, fox, and sloth onigiri.

  • The Art of ForesakenFaerie - My print and accessories shop filled with over 100+ Chib Chub adoptable stickers, prints, patches and other goods designed by me. Have a fandom? Adopt a Chib Chub! Commission slot available for sketches and portrait art.
  • The Chipper Corvid - Fine art drafts, t-shirts for preorder, pins, stickers, and masks all for sale!
  • The Comic Store - We offer great gift ideas - comics, graphic novels, board games, card games, tee-shirts, action figures, and statues.
  • The Dragon's Lair / Plushiezoo - Nature and Fantasy -- Plush from Aardvark to Zebra plus T-Shirts (S - 5XL)
  • The Waifu Cafe - The Waifu Cafe creates anime/game-inspired dakimakuras and blankets. Use code ZENKALI to get 10% off.
  • Tomboy Togs - Embroidered geeky accessories and play things.
  • Urban Sheek - Clothing (Harajuku T's, unisex kimono jackets, VK sweater, kitty cat paw set, socks, stockings, wigs). Fashion Accessories (bags, wallets, coin purse, earmuffs, face masks, contact lenses case, key chains). Toys (plushies, mini block figures, novelty mechanical banks). Arts & Crafts (felt stitch kits, origami paper, star paper). Stationaries (pens, stickers, notebooks, post-its). Audio (cat ear headphones, cute earbuds)
  • Voidcraft - High quality plush and 3d printed jewelry in plastic and steel. Geeky and eldritch styles.
  • YanimatorArt - Anime and video game otaku nerd goodies! All made by myself. from acrylic keychains for your itabag, pins, to poster prints!! prints are availble in both holographic and regular glossy! feel free to browse around and follow me on social media @yanimatorart! Stay safe and hope to see everyone in the near future! :)