Dealers Room Registration | Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

April 1-3, 2016, Lancaster County Convention Center

Dealers Room Registration

Dealer Registration for Zenkaikon 2020 is now CLOSED.

The Dealers Room will be in Freedom Hall B – identified as the Exhibits Hall – of the Lancaster County Convention Center and will be open all three days of the 2020 convention.

Policy Highlights

Space Allocation

Because Zenkaikon's Exhibit Hall is not particularly large relative to the size of our attendance - and we have reached the capacity of booths in the room - we carefully jury vendors to provide a good mix of merchandise for our convention attendees. Prior vendors are generally given first priority in allocating space. Once the number of returning vendors is known, we then review new applications with an emphasis on enhancing merchandise variety. 


The Convention Center loading dock is small and narrow. You can generally expect to wait in line to unload. Once directed to a spot by the dock manager, please unload your inventory and supplies as quickly as possible to keep traffic moving.


Zenkaikon prohibits the sale of bootleg merchandise. Such merchandise harms the industry and the reputation of the convention and will not be tolerated. 

Bootleg goods are about far more than CDs and DVDs.  Wall scrolls, plushies, and figurines are all examples of goods which are highly susceptible to illegal copies.  You are responsible for making sure you are carrying only goods which are properly licensed in the United States.

Just because an item is legal in another country does NOT mean it is legal to sell in the United States.

Used Goods

You may sell used goods but they must be labeled as such.  Packaging items to try to conceal the fact they are used and not affirmatively revealing their used status is a potential violation of Pennsylvania consumer protection law and will not be tolerated.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are medical devices regulated by the FDA, regardless of whether they are plano or corrective.  Since it’s unlikely a vendor can follow proper dispensing procedures in the context of a dealers room, contact lenses may not be sold at Zenkaikon.


Dealers may sell prepackaged specialty drinks and snacks such as Ramune and Pocky.  Any other food items must be approved in advance by the venue. Contact our Exhibits Department with any questions.

Weapons and Replica Weaponry

Any sales merchandise that is weaponry or bearing the resemblance of being weaponry must be displayed away from where it can be reached by customers. 

Any merchandise considered weaponry or replica weaponry may only be purchased by customers age 18 and over who furnish proper ID at the purchase time. Merchandise must be packaged securely by the dealer upon sale and removed immediately from the convention space. 

Banned Merchandise

The following merchandise is considered banned from sales within our convention space and Dealers Room and will be asked to be removed from the sales floor by our Zenkaikon staff. 

  • Bootlegs of any kind
  • Merchandise or art that depicts minor-aged characters in sexually explicit imagery
  • Drug paraphernalia and products that may have been derived from controlled substances
  • Expired or spoiled food and drinks

How To Register

Please be sure to read through our full Dealers Room contract.  The procedure to request space is

  1. Complete the Dealer Space Request Form
  2. Receive confirmation and invoice via email
  3. Pay invoice by the stated deadline using check, money order, or PayPal as instructed on the invoice
  4. Failure to pay your invoice by the stated deadline will result in forfeiture of the requested space
  5. Electricity can be ordered directly from the venue using the Convention Center’s order form.

The total number of available booths has not yet been finalized but will likely not increase significantly over 2019.