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Zenkaikon aims to create a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for all of its members. For this reason, it is important that all convention attendees read and follow the policies below.

Also, please remember that anything illegal outside the convention is illegal inside the convention. All federal, state, and local laws apply.

General Policies

Disruptive Behavior

While we want everyone to have fun at the convention, disruptive behavior interferes with the enjoyment of our fellow members, and is not permitted. Examples of disruptive behavior include, but are not limited to: running; yelling or using disruptive noise makers; rough-housing; profanity; public intoxication; blocking traffic flow; or any other behavior which is deemed disruptive, dangerous, or that common sense dictates you should not do.

Some behaviors such as theft, vandalism, assault, or any other action deemed highly disruptive or illegal may be grounds for immediate removal from convention spaces, revocation of a member’s membership and badge, and/or notification of the proper authorities.

Harassment Policy

Zenkaikon is dedicated to providing a friendly, safe, and welcoming experience for everyone. Harassment of any kind, including, but not limited to: verbal or physical assault, deliberate intimidation, stalking, or unwelcome physical attentions, will not be tolerated. If someone tells you “no” or to leave them alone, your business with them is done. If you continue to attempt to have contact with that person, you may be removed from the premises.

Our harassment policy applies to everyone – including but not limited to Zenkaikon standard and VIP members, staff, volunteers, contractors, guests, panelists, vendors, and artists. 

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please notify a member of Zenkaikon Staff immediately so that they may address it. Zenkaikon Staff can be identified by their “Zenkaikon Staff ” T-shirts and vertical “STAFF” badges. If you feel our staff has not been able to meet your needs, or if you have further concerns, please Page a Chair.

Page a Chair Program

If you are uncomfortable about how a policy is enforced or how you are treated by a Zenkaikon staff member or volunteer, you can ask for a Chair to be paged. The Zenkaikon staff member or volunteer will call for the Zenkaikon Chair Person on duty. The Chair will come to your location to assist as soon as possible. 


The Lancaster County Convention Center and Tellus360 are ADA accessible. For our members with accessibility challenges, Zenkaikon will also have an Accessibility Desk in the Registration lobby. When you arrive at the convention, please proceed directly to the Accessibility Desk. A staff member will assist you and provide you with a ribbon that will allow additional accommodations such as alternative waiting areas and priority elevator access. You may also visit our Accessibility Desk or Information Desk during the convention with any questions or concerns and we will be happy to assist you. Prior to the convention, questions can be sent to

Per venue rules, only ADA-recognized service animals are allowed within the convention center. Questions regarding service animals may be directed to the convention center at 717-666-7108. Please remember that a service animal is a working animal, and should not be touched or distracted without the owner’s explicit permission.

We work within the limits of our finances, logistics, facilities, and volunteer staffing to strive to create an event that works for all of our members. We always welcome discussion exploring how we can better accommodate our convention attendees.



18+ Programming

Some Zenkaikon programming will be labeled as 18+ only. Anyone who wishes to attend 18+ programming must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the event, and must obtain an 18+ wristband from the wristband booth prior to the program.

Cameras and Photography



Dress Code & Cosplay Policies

Zenkaikon is a family-friendly event, and attendees are asked to dress accordingly. Zenkaikon Staff reserves the right to ask an attendee to change if their clothing (or lack thereof) is deemed inappropriate.


Solicitation signs are prohibited (“Glomps for Free”, “FreeHugs”, “Glomp Me”, etc.). Included in this rule are shirts and other clothing with solicitation phrases used in lieu of physical signs. Other types of signs are allowed only if they are an integral part of a costume (such as the sign carried by Genma the Panda in Ranma 1/2, or Phoenix Wright characters).

Cosplay Props

In all cases, final decisions on what constitutes an inappropriate prop belongs to the Zenkaikon Staff and the Lancaster County Convention Center. If your prop is deemed inappropriate or dangerous to others, you will be asked to remove it to your car, room, or somewhere else outside the convention.

Please use common sense when bringing prop weaponry to Zenkaikon. If you would not carry your item in public, in plain sight, then you should not have it at the convention.

Weapons Policy

Types of Weapons or Props NOT Allowed

Props, resin casts, and toys simulating the appearance of firearms will be allowed only if they:

Types of Weapons and Props Allowed


Attendance is subject to the rules and regulations of Zenkaikon. A badge may be revoked and a member ejected from the convention for disorderly conduct, a violation of the law or rules, or in the sole discretion of a Zenkaikon official. A member acknowledges that by appearing at Zenkaikon he or she may be recorded (by video, sound, or otherwise) and consents to such recording and its publishing and re-broadcasting. In exchange solely for this license, the member, in accepting a badge: (i) releases Zenkaikon from any liability for loss or damage to persons or property, infringement of any right, or any other claim or cause of action of any kind; (ii) authorizes and permits Zenkaikon and its designees to use for any and all purposes his or her name, voice, and likeness and all reproduction thereof in any and all forms and in all media now or hereafter known in perpetuity; (iii) agrees to comply with all Zenkaikon rules and regulations.

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