Zenkaikon Anime Convention, Lancaster, PA

April 25-27, 2014, Lancaster County Convention Center

Cosplay Dating Game

The Cosplay Dating Game is similar to the traditional 'Dating Game' of yesteryear TV. Three bachelors or bachelorettes sit on one side of a curtain. On the other side is the 'prize,' an elusive bachelor or bachelorette (the prize) for one of the 3 contestants to 'win.' The twist is that participants are in costume and are the character. The prize will ask several questions, which contestants must answer in character. Then “the prize” will choose which date they want. Unlike the real 'Dating Game,' this event is purely for the amusement and entertainment of the participants and audience. No real dating is involved.

There will be an 18+ session of the dating game held Saturday night of the Convention.

Zenkaikon is looking for participants to be the "prize". For the dating game, four (4) participants will be pre-selected prior to the convention. The other bachelor/bachelorette contestants will be selected from the audience.

Rules and Requirements

  • Participants in the 18+ session must be at least 18 years of age. You will be required to present proof of age at the convention.
  • Participants must have a quality bought/commissioned or handmade costume that follows the Zenkaikon Convention Policies. Participants will need to be able to link to online photos of submitted costume.
  • Participants must know the character they are cosplaying very well, and must be able to act like him or her or it.
  • Participants need to have a good sense of humor and must be able to improvise.
  • Characters from anime, video games, manga, established comics (DC/Marvel/etc.) and sci-fi genres are more than welcome to participate. No original characters please.
  • Applicants are more than welcome to submit multiple characters. They must do so by filling out a separate application for each character. However, the applicant, if chosen to participate, will only be able to portray the character that is chosen by Dating Game Staff.

Dating Game Sign-ups and Check-In

In order to apply to be the "prize" in the Cosplay Dating Game, applicants must be pre-registered to attend Zenkaikon 2014, be over 18 years of age at the time of the Convention, and submit an application. Participants for the "prize" will not be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis, but rather on the quality of the application, quality of cosplay, and the popularity of the character. Applicants chosen to participate will be contacted by email.

Check-in will be held at the convention, at a time and location to be announced.

Applications for the Cosplay Dating Game are now closed for Zenkaikon 2014. Thank you all for your interest.

Those who have submitted applications will receive emails shortly regarding their status.


If, after reading the above, you have any questions, please use the contact form and select “Cosplay” as the category.